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kuroneko no nikki

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

got a hair cut

finally.. i get it done.. *haircut

it feels more refreshed then just long and dully hair.. even if i wear a veil, doesn't mean i have to do nothing with my hair right ..?

so.. this is not because i'm having a break ups or something, but sometimes, people said that getting a hair cut means you had a broken heart or something, that is so WRONG, i'm telling you girls..

why should we cut our hair when we had a broken heart? that's a stupid thing, you cut your anytime you like, not just have to wait to break your heart in two...

i even had a back massage to.. ohh it feels so relaxing.. i can even feel that i'm ready for monday.. *I guess

maybe i have to try the waxing too.. hahahaha *buluketekberkibar


  1. kirain fotomu beneran :p
    sapa yg liat :D

  2. yo aq dhewe yang liat.. beserta orang2 di rumah.. hehehehe